JDEdwards, ODI, OBIEE, BI Publisher, WebSites, OpenSource Tools, you are looking for developpers ? Nomana-IT offers experienced technical consultants…

CNC JDEdwards Consultant

  • Architecture definition
  • Installation, migration et maintenance
  • Definition of migration methodology, those taking part and migratory plans
  • Feasibility studies, operational and technical impact and ciphering
  • Optimisation of deployment and administration procedures
  • Audit, platform stabilisation and tuning
  • Performance testing
  • Incident resolution
  • Service pack and corrective updates
  • Implicational server evolution (Websphere, OAS, Weblogic), Load Balancing, SSO parameters.


Technical and Operational Consultant

  • Specific development (ADF, JDEdwards, PHP, JAVA)
  • Setting of JDEdwards modules Finance, Achat, Ventes et Stocks
  • Integration of closely related and interface applications (SOA, ETL, …)
  • Implementation and personnalisation of OpenSource products (OpenERP, Nuxeo, Alfresco, Birt, Talend, WordPress…)


Decision-making Consultant

  • Installation of ODI and OBIEE
  • Installation of Pentaho, Talend
  • Analysis and modelling of data-warehouse
  • Development of supply scripts
  • Creation of dashboards and reports


Technical Consultant (Output Management)

  • Installation and development of BI Publisher
  • Installation and development of Streamserve


  • Creation and implementation of e-business store
  • Redesign of existing store, graphic and technical improvement
  • Store setting and configuration
  • Design, integration, audit, responsive design
  • Migration, upgrade
  • Installation, upgrade and modules creation, issues resolving
  • Maintenance, support and evolution
  • Performances testing
  • Incident resolution
  • Prestashop training



  • Creation and configuration of showcase website, blog
  • Design, integration, audit, responsive design
  • Theme installation, configuration and customization
  • WordPress Multisite installation and configuration
  • Content management and integration
  • Upgrade
  • Maintenance and support
  • WordPress training