Technical and software architecture, disaster recovery plan, integration, migration, virtualisation, licences… 

You require help or advice ? Nomana-IT has the answer…

You encounter performance problems, you wish to secure your information system, reduce administrative and operational charges, you hesitate about infrastructure outsourcing ? Nomana-IT can help with your considerations with recommendations drawn from in-house expertise, partners and referees.

SOA, Web Services, Cloud, ETL, EAI, Business Intelligence, Opensource, GED, difficulties in understanding these acronyms and in choosing the appropriate software ? Nomana-IT provides expertise in making the right choice.

With these considerations in mind, Nomana-IT has also created 3 service packs adapted according to your needs :




Package de 10 jours pour un budget forfaitaire de 9500 €

Package de 5 jours pour un budget forfaitaire de 5000 €

Package de 10 jours pour un budget forfaitaire de 9500 €


Technological and software architecture audit as follows :

  1. Stakes involved,
  2. Inventory (based on structured interviews with a view to re-engineering of the architecture),
  3. SWOT matrix,
  4. Recommandations,
  5. Plan of action.

The study will be carried out in three stages :

  1. Workshops for collecting informations,
  2. Drafting and exchanges with the participants for completion of the contents,
  3. Responses.


Which tools are installed ? Do you conform with regard to your Oracle licensing contracts (OBIEE, ODI, BI Publisher, databases, JDEdwards).

An audit measure for reassurance and correct decision-making.


You wish to migrate your version of JDEdwards, Oracle Data Integrator, OBIEE, BI Publisher ? Nomana-IT offers a pre-examination in order to evaluate impact, required action and the necessary ressources to carry out your project.