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Springboards do not Load, Displays Message - "The menu index is in the process of being rebuilt..." (Doc ID 2239309.1)

There were some issues in building the menu index. This is identified by the 'Processing' status of the records in the application P90013. The status stayed in processing status and never completed.

Menu Indexing is the process to identify the tasks that can be displayed and accessed by a role from the Springboard Pane of the Composed EnterpriseOne Page. To view the task items in a Springboard Pane, the task index must already be built.

The Springboard Pane displays a message when a task index build is in progress. You can continue to work on other applications or switch to other Composed EnterpriseOne Pages that do not depend on the task index builds. After the build is complete, the Springboard Pane is automatically displayed with the task items. So wait for the corresponding record to be in Complete status in P90013.

It is normal to have the menu index build to be in 'Processing' status for sometime. If it stays in 'Processing' status for a very long time (such as hours/days), please follow the below steps to resolve the issue:

1. Login to the web client

2. Access the application P90013

3. Delete the record(s) which are in Processing status for long time

4. Logout, bounce the JAS server

5. Login and let the automated build of the tasks happen

Logging in to EnterpriseOne, with a role that the system administrator has not built, triggers an automated build of the task indices for that role.

A Failed status corresponds to an error in the database and could occur, for example, when your session expires due to a timeout or you log out when the requested build is in Processing status. The system administrator can rebuild the failed record, or the system automatically rebuilds it when the user logs in with a role for which build failed.

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